"Dah ada isi belum?" questions

Many of you, well who knew me always ask whether I am pregnant or not since I gained some weight. I am NOT PREGNANT and some of the questions is really sensitive to me because you know me well, I am comfortable if you ask privately before comment or ask blindly in public.

You know I am sad within these months of not getting any baby yet. Maybe Allah SWT has plan something big for us. My husband also feels sad when his friends always annoy with one question, bila nak ada anak? Macam takde soalan lain je kan.

We've tried okay? Not because of honeymoon mood lagi. You don't know what I have been through. I've been admitted several times because of my uterus, infection, hormonal inbalance and much more. It is very tiring.

Some of them gave us how to 'do' it because to them, that's how got a baby. Some of them siap offer 'ubat' dan kena telan macam-macam. It is really annoying. I don't want to force my body to do such things and my weight, it is not that I am not healthy. FYI, I am not an obese category. I am petite and short, that's why I look chubby. My BMI is still normal and I can still do physical test. When I tried to jog or else, my internal is bleeding over than 15 days.

So, when you ask me bila nak dapat anak? I always answered, apa kata tanya kat Allah SWT? Kalau la boleh tanya kat telur-telur ovum bila nak jadi baby.. Selalu je jeles dan sedih setiap kali nampak orang dok upload gambar baby & bahagia bersama suami dikala nak babymoon semua.

Positive thinking: Rezeki masing-masing lain. Maybe I got the chance to go travel first around the world before we both commit to have another human being in our life. Double responsible is a heavy planning for both of us for newly weds.

That's all. Thanks for reading. 💚