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Not-so-surprise Oja's Bachelorrette Partayyyhhh

I dedicate this post to my lovely Oja, walaupun dah nikah haha but next two weeks it's her big day! It was in April! hahaha long due post I guess
AJ invited me and Rus, very last minute one meh! sebab AJ rasa guilty when she met me at IOI Mall to collect Gula Panda Melaka cake at Gula Petite cafe haha
Then, she whatsapped to come for Oja's special partyyyy.. It become not so surprise because Oja dah sampai depan rumah and AJ lambat buka gate while one of her friends stuck depan gate lama sangat tunggu hahaha 
At the same time, macam nursery dah aku tengok! It was fun and funny.. Oja kata patut la Wani and Rus tak jadi nak ikut pergi jogging! hahaha sorry not sorry! The foods lagi penting more than jogging :D

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